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National Association of Colored Graduate Nurses, Inc.
1790 Broadway New York City
Telephone CIrcle 5-8000
President Mrs. Frances F. Gaines, R.N. Chicago, Ill.
First Vice-President Mrs. Eliza Pillars, R.N. Jackson, Miss
Second Vice-President Mrs. Cassia A. Morris, R.N. Detroit, Michigan
Recording Secretary Mrs. Ferrol Bobo Connor, R.N. Los Angeles, Calif.
Financial Secretary Miss Jane Belt, R.N. Chicago, Ill.
Treasurer Miss Petra Pin, R.N. New York City
Chairman Nominating Committee Mrs. Fannye W. Helvey, R.N. Cincinnati, Ohio
Regional Presidents
North Eastern Region Miss Lula G. Warlick, R.N. Philadelphia, Pa.
South Eastern Region Miss Edna I. Purdie, R.N. Winston-Salem, N. C.
Southern Region Mrs. Beatrice T. Holmes, R.N. Greenville, Miss.
West Central Region Mrs. Fannye W. Helvey, R.N. Cincinnati, Ohio
Education Committee Mrs. Estelle Massey Riddle R.N. New York City
Program Committee Mrs. Francis S. Belcher, R.N. Atlanta, Ga.
Membership Committee Miss Mabel Macer, R.N. New York City
Registrars Mrs. Ursula Johnson Bracy, R.N. St. Louis, Mo. Mrs. Joella Starnes, R.N. Chicago, Ill.
Chaplain Mrs. Nancy L. Kemp, R.N. Philadelphia, Pa.
Defense Committee Mrs. Marion Seymour R.N. Washington, D.C.
Parliamentarian Miss Ella Bland, R.N. Chicago, Ill.
Student Section
Miss Leonetta S. Henderson, R.N. Richmond, Va.
Bulletin Committee Mrs. Estelle M. Hilton, R.N. New York City
Private Duty Section
Miss Mary L. Holloway, R.N. Toronto, Canada

Executive Secretary Mrs. Mabel K. Staupers, R.N.
March 11, 1943
Dear Miss Lomax:
You may be assured that we are doing everything we can to remove the present discrimination which Negro nurses are facing in the Army.
Our Advisory Council, and the National Nursing Council for War Service, through Mrs. Riddle, are working on the matter and we hope very soon that you will be called for service.
I am turning your letter from the Service Command over to the National Nursing Council for War Service as another evidence of discrimination.
Kind personal regards,
Sincerely yours,
Mabel K. Staupers, R.N.
Executive Secretary
Miss Louise V. Lomax
1222 East Marhsall Street
Richmond, Va.

Miss Lomax is such a cute little Trick;
No wonder the boys all get sick;
Then beg for Ward Four,
Where they ask nothing more
than not to get better right quick.
Patient who had appendectomy asked mom to marry him
Hospital Mess NO.#2
Tuskegee Army Flying School
Tuskegee, Alabama
31 October, 1943
To: Lt. Louise V. Lomax
Address: Station Hospital, TAAF, Tuskegee, Alabama
For meals in Hospital Mess during the month of October 42 meals @35cents $14.70
A.B. Cuyjet, Capt.
1st Lieutenant, D.C.
Mess Officer.
All bills payable to Custodian of Hospital Funds by the 5th of each month.