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#915 Union Trust Building, 
Detroit, Michigan. 
January 3, 1910.
Miss Marie N. Buckman. 
Care, Egypt Exploration Fund, 
#527, Tremont Temple, 
Boston, Mass. 

Dear Madam: 

This morning's mail brought a letter from Mr. Charles L. Freer, Shanghai, China, enclosing one which you wrote him on October 13th last, and which I had forwarded to Mr. Freer a day or two [[strikethrough]][[aft?]][[/strikethrough]] after its receipt here, instructing me to send you a remittance of $25., as a gift to aid the work being carried on by the Egypt Exploration Fund. Accordingly I have pleasure in handing you, enclosed herewith, a draft on Boston to the order of the Egypt Exploration Fund for that sum. 

Will you kindly receipt and return Mr. Freer's voucher, also herein enclosed, and greatly oblige. 

Yours very truly, 
(signed) George W. Alger


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