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Oct. 16, 1893.


Your letters of 12th and 14th inst., also telegram of 3[[?]] [[?]]nst., reached me this morning on my return from Chicago, [[?]] I have been for the last week.

I note fully what you have written in reference to the business matter, and I am exceedingly sorry that at present I cannot [[?]]ve you the money desired. As you know, the year has been an [[?]]mely hard one for everybody, and the very many calls I have [[?]] to provide for make it impossible for me to do anything additional at present. You can rest assured that were it not for this [[?]] I would most cheerfully and heartily meet your request.

I would write instead of dictating this letter but for the [[?]] of the many things I have to do, particularly as I am preparing to leave town to-morrow for an absence of several weeks in the Catskill Mountains.

I am very glad to learn that you have recovered your health [[?]] hope you will soon again be sailing on an even keel.

C.L. Freer 

[[?]]. James Campbell
Lyon, N.Y.

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