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Oct. 17, 1893

Messrs. T.A. Wilmurt & Son,
54 East 13th St.,
New York. 


I have requested Mr. Halsey C. Ives, Chief, Fine Arts Dep’t of the World’s Fair, to forward to your New York address the painting by T.W. Dewing entitled “The Musician.” This picture needs some re-touching, and after it arrives at your store I shall be greatly obliged if you will unpack and deliver the picture with frame to Mr. T.W. Dewing, No. 3 North Washington Square, New York. He will re-touch the picture and after doing so will notify you, when I shall be pleased to have you send your man to his studio, get the picture, repack it carefully, and forward same to Mr. Harrison S. Morris, Managing Director, Penna. Academy of Fine Arts, Philadelphia, Pa. Kindly send bill for your charges to me at Detroit, and I shall be pleased to remit promptly.

Yours truly,
C.L. Freer 

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