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Nov. 13, 1893

Dear Mr. Shugio:

On my return from the east yesterday and arrival at my office this morning I found your esteemed letter of the 10th inst., also the reproduction of Namekawasoke’s aria[[?]] picture.

I would enjoy a day or two with you in [[Chicago?]] very much indeed, but at the present time it is absolutely impossible for me to accept your invitation. I have been absent from my [[?]] practically six weeks, and matters require my close attention here for some days to come. I am very pleased that you have not forgotten your promise to make me a visit in Detroit. Come whenever most convenient to you. Let me know in advance and I shall be much pleased to meet you at the station on arrival here. 

I of course would have preferred to write this letter, but pressure of other matters compels me to dictate it. 

With kindest regards,
Yours very truly,
Charles L. Freer

Mr. H. Shugio,
Michigan Columbian Club, 65th St.,
Chicago, Ill.

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