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Nov. 13, 1893

My dear Mr. Ives:

I am just home from a six weeks’ absence and am pleased to learn through Mr.[[?]] that Gen. Alger’s painting, the Rosa [[?]] has [[?]] from your Loan Dep’t and that Mr. Ferry’s [[?]] the same Dep’t is expected here in [[?]] when my pictures by Dewing, Tryon, and [[?]] and sent here. I do not wish to hurry you in this matter, [[?]] have promised to send part of them to two different exhibitions and would like to re-ship from here for the Philadelphia exhibition as early as possible. If you can without [[?]] the forwarding of the pictures, I shall be [[?]] Kindly consign all eight canvasses to H[[?]] Detroit, Mich., and oblige,

Yours very truly,
Charles. L. Freer 

P.S. I trust [[?]] you will be in this vicinity and that you will give me the pleasure of at least a few hours of your society.

Mr. Halsey C. Ives,
Chief, Fine Arts Dep’t, World’s Columbian Exposition,
Chicago, Ill.

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