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Nov. 15, 1893.

Dear Dewing:

The[illegible]letters, circular, and labels from the Penns. Academy of Fine Arts explain themselves. As we discussed the other day, I think it much better for you to fill up the blanks and forward direct to Mr. Morris. You see he is very glad to have the "Girl in White", and I am sure the two canvasses will add very much to his exhibition.

I had the richest possible experience with T.B. He opened his guard at the first appearance, I took advantage thereof, and he fell down at the first blow. Then followed much maneuvering all on the line of an inspiration which came at the moment and which was entirely different from what you and I discussed. I only wish you could have been present. He even rode with me up to the station and to [illegible] [illegible]to do almost anything that I ask, and you can rest assured that I shall ask enough. I would give you all the details were it not for the fact that I must reserve the pleasure of telling them to you so as to enjoy the humor I know they will cause you. I did not succeed in closing anything with him, but expect to do so as soon as he can communicate with his partner, who is interested in several terra cottas which are very beautiful. I wish you could get into his place some way without his knowing it and see the figure of a dancing girl with a tamborine in her hand in his 34th St. place. If he suspects that you and I have talked this thing over together, it might spoil my plans. I also would like you to see the terra cotta in his Fifth Ave. window, (Ordgies and Co.’s old place next to the Manhattan Club,) from the Spitzer sale, a magnificent specimen of Hercules and a reclining Satyr. In the same store,(Fifth Ave.)you will find a small case containing several specimens, one particularly fine of three figures representing a decoration, frieze, or

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