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p[illegible] perfectly gorgeous. [[?]] [[?]]o that also and let me know what you think these of these three different ones. The“Greek Girl” in the loan collection. I also [[?]] to [[?]]rrall. The “Bacchante” and the “Venus and Cupids" however I do not expect to get. 1 fell down on the other two, for either the “Greek Girl”-- the important one you much [[?]] will soon [[?]] in hand in that little room on Ferry Ave. It will probably little take me a little time to straighten out the tussle between [[?]] man and the renowned art connoisseur. The result however I am very hopeful of.
Reached home yesterday all right and found things rather better than when I left.

With kindest regards,

Yours sincerely,
C.L. Freer

Mr. T.W. Dewing
3 North Washington St.,
New York

Hope Richard has not fired that appreciative young man -

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