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Roster of Officers and Civilians on Duty
in Bureau of Refugees, Freedmen and A. Lands Dist North Eastern Texas
[[4 columned table]]
|Names| Rank| Duty| Authority|

|H Seymour Hall| Brvt Col. U.S. Vols| Asst Superintendent| Par. 1. of Special Orders No. 1. Headquarters Bureau R. F. and A.L. Galveston, Texas. |

|Chas. Stillhamer| 2nd Lt. Co. "K". 8th Ills Vols Infty| Prov Marshall o Freedmen Harrison County, Texas.| Par. 2. of Special Orders No. 1.20. Headquarters Northern Div of Louisiana. Shreveport, Louisiana, June 26th 1865.|

|B. K. Lignoski| Civilian| Agent of Freedmen for Smith Co. Texas.| By Order of Thomas, Calohan Chaplain 48th U.S.C. Troops Asst Supt Bureau R.F. and A.L. Shreveport Louisiana. Order of Thomas Calohan Asst Supt Approved by Brevet Colonel H. Seymour Hall Asst Supt Bureau R.F. and A. Lands. Dist North Eastern. Texas, until further orders from Brig Gen E. M. Gregory Asst Com Bureau R. F. and A.L. for the State of Texas.|

Respectfully forwarded in compliance with Par. 1. Circular No 10 War Dept. Bureau R. F. and A.L. Washington July 11th 1865

H. Seymour Hall
Bvt. Col. U.S. Vols
Asst. Supt. B.R.F and A.L.

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