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[Ed. Form, No. 4.]

on Education of Freedmen and Refugees in Jefferson and Burke County [[strikethrough]] Sub-District [[/strikethrough]], State of Georgia in charge of Max Marbach, Agt[[]] for the Month of September 1868, [in accordance with order contained in Circular No. 5, Bureau R., F., & A.L.]

1. Name of your Sub-District?  Augusta

2. Whole number of Refugee or Freedmen's Schools in the District? None
Day?  None
Night?  None
Sabbath? Several

3. Location of Schools?   ~

4. Whole number of Teachers? ~
White? ~
Colored? ~

5. Names and post-office address of Day-School Teachers? ~

6. Whole number of School-Houses for Freedmen in your District? None
Their condition, capacity, value, and by whom owned? 

7. Number of your visits to Schools?  ~
Day?  ~
Night?  One

8. Number of educational meetings held by you during the month? One
Where?  Waynesboro, 

9. Number and names of places, now destitute, in which Day-Schools might be organized? Waynesboro, Miller, Raisebridge in Burke Louisville in Jefferson County.

10. Number of pupils (estimated) who would attend such Schools?  from 2 to 3000

11. Amount which would probably be raised by the Freedmen, for school purposes, in each destitute neighborhood?   As soon as I can ascertain this, I will report the amount which can be raised in a special report.

12. What efforts are you making to secure the support of schools by pupils, parents, boards of education, or the State government?   By the election of schoolboards, by subscription of money from the Col'd people, and by reporting the the Superintendent of Education the condition of the counties in regard to school matters. 

13. Whole number of additional School-houses, for Freedmen, now wanted in your Sub-District?  In each of the above named places.

14. Could you organize your Sub-District into School Districts, each with a School Committee pledged to carry on schools therein?  In Waynesboro there done so, and will soon report my action in other places.

15. To what extent would help from without be needed in such cases?  By sending teachers and build schoolhouses.

16. What is the public sentiment as to the education of the Freedmen and Poor Whites?   Good. but at present very little is to be expected from the white population.

17. Are Night-Schools for Adults needed in your District?  Yes
In what way could they be carried on?  The same as Sabbath schools.

18. What more can this Bureau do for educating the children of Refugees (or Poor Whites)?  By erecting schoolhouses, the counties are entirely destitute of the same.

19. How long will Northern charitable aid be needed for Freedmen and Refugee Schools of your District?  For a long time to come, as the col'd people are to poor to do much in regard to school matters. 

I hereby certify, on honor, that I have given personal attention to the matters herein named, and that the answers given are, according to my best knowledge and belief, correct.

Max Marbach
Agt [[strikethrough]] Sub-Asst. Com. [[/strikethrough]], Bureau R., F., & A.L.

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