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[ED. FORM, No. 4.]

on Education of Freedmen and Refugees in Sub-District, State of Georgia in charge of Sub Dist of Albany. for the Month of October 1868, [in accordance with order contained in Circular No. 5, Bureau R., F., & A.L.]

1. Name of your Sub-District? Sub. District of Albany

2. Whole number of Refugee or Freedmen's Schools in the District? 2
Day? 2
Night? 0
Sabbath? 1

3. Location of Schools? Americus Ga. & Dawson Ga. 

4. Whole number of Teachers? 4
White? 4
Colored? 0

5. Names and post-office address of Day-School Teachers? 
Mrs. E.A. Christian & two daughters Americus Ga.
Catherin F. Friend Dawson Ga.

6. Whole number of School-Houses for Freedmen in your District? 
Their condition, capacity, value, and by whom owned? 
One at Newtown, Baker Co; owned by A.M. Association, good, valued at $900 00/100. One at Lumpkin, Stewart Co; owned by freedmen as Church fair condition, worth about $500  00/100. One at Cuthbert, Randolph Co; rented by A.M.A. of small capacity and poor condition, One at Andersonville Sumter Co; owned by U.S. Government, good condition, value unknown. One at Americus Sumter Co; first rate Condition, value about $2000 00/100. Two in Sumter Co; owned by freemen & planters, of their value or capacity nothing known at this office. Two at Albany, Dougherty Co. owned by freedmen as Churches, one 36 x 60 feet, walls 14 feet, value $2000 00/100 Capacity 300 pupils, one 36 x 56 feet, walls 14 feet, value $2000 00/100 capacity 300 pupils, both in excellent condition, well ventilated. One at Byron plantation, Dougherty Co., value about $500 00/100, Capacity 100 pupils, in good condition, owned by Ga L. & C. Coss One at Bell place, Dougherty Co; owned by Ga L.& C. Coss. condition new, Capacity 80 pupils, One at Shepherd & Morriss's plantation in Dougherty Co; fair condition, Capacity 150 pupils, value $1500 00/100, owned by freedmen as Church.


18. What more can this Bureau do for educating the children of Refugees (or Poor Whites)? Build or rent school-houses, find teachers and pay them, and in no way can it [[illegible]] more important work.

19. How long will Northern charitable aid be needed for Freedmen and Refugee Schools of your District? Until the state provides a system of common schools, with educated teachers from the north.

I hereby certify, on honor, that I have given personal attention to the matters herein named, and that the answers given are, according to my best knowledge and belief, correct.

O.H. Howard
Sub-Asst. Com., Bureau R., F., & A.L.
2nd Lieut. 5th Artillery
Bvt. Major U.S.A

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