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[ED. FORM, No. 4.]

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on       ORT
for      Albany

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7. Number of your visits to Schools?  0  
Day?  0  
Night?  0 
Sabbath?  0 

8. Number of educational meetings held by you during the month?  0 
Where?  0 

9. Number and names of places, now destitute, in which Day-Schools might be organized?  Fort Gaines, Clay Co; Dawson, Terrell Co, Sharksville, Lee Co. and the places where schools have been heretofore sustained by the A. M. Association. There are many other places where schools are much needed, but it is deemed impracticable to organize them, in the present temper of the white people. 

10. Number of pupils (estimated) who would attend such Schools?  An average of Seventy five (75) at each school.

11. Amount which would probably be raised by the Freedmen, for school purposes, in each destitute neighborhood?  Impossible to estimate it, would depend upon the price of cotton & the chance of freedmen being properly paid for their labor. 

12. What efforts are you making to secure the support of schools by pupils, parents, boards of education, or the State government?  I arrange with the leading colored people to address their friends upon the importance of education, upon every favorable occasion. Know that it is useless to expect anything from the white people. The freedpeople will do something, but are irregular and unreliable. 

13. Whole number of additional School-houses, for Freedmen, now wanted in your Sub-District?  Four are at [[?]] & Flags plantation, Dougherty Co, one at Fort Gaines, one at Dawson and one at Sharksville. 

14. Could you organize your Sub-District into School Districts, each with a School Committee pledged to carry on schools therein?  I would not.

15. To what extent would help from without be needed in such cases?  Freedpeople would probably pay for fuel and lights. Should not wish to start schools, unless money to carry them on to the end was pledged by this Bureau, or by northern associations. 

16. What is the public sentiment as to the education of the Freedmen and Poor Whites?  Of the sentiment of the white people is meant should answer "utter indifference", have a growing jealousy and uneasiness on account of the influence which they fear that northern teachers will court. The public will not make any effort to educate the freedchildren, unless activated by a desire to prevent their being taught by northern teachers.   

17. Are Night-Schools for Adults needed in your District?  Yes 
In what way could they be carried on?  Pay Teachers of Day schools.  

18. What more can this Bureau do for educating the children of Refugees (or Poor Whites)?  Build or rent school-houses, find teachers and pay them, and in no way can it be more important work. 

19. How long will Northern charitable aid be needed for Freedmen and Refugee Schools of your District?  Until the state provides a system of common schools, with educated teachers from the north. 

I hereby certify, on honor, that I have given personal attention to the matters herein named, and that the answers given are, according to my best knowledge and belief, correct.

O. H. Howard
Sub-Asst. Com., Bureau R., F., & A.L.
2nd Lieut 5th Artillary
SAC. Mayor U.S.A.