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[Ed. Form, No. 3.] 
For the Month of May, 1869.

☞ To contain one entire calendar month, and to be forwarded as soon as possible after the close of the month.
☞ A School under the distinct control of one Teacher, or a Teacher with one Assistant, is to be reported as one School.

[Answers placed here.]
Name of your School? Breezy Hill 
Location (town, county, or district)? Crawfordville
Is it a Day or Night-School? Day
Of what grade? Primary
When did your present session commence? March 8th 69
When to close? 8 of Feb
Is your School supported by an Educational Society? No 
What Society? None
Is your School supported wholly by local School Board?* No 
Name of Board or Com.? None 
Am't pd. this month? 
Is your School supported in part by local School Board?*  
Name of Board or Com.? No 
Am't pd. this month? 
Is your School supported wholly by Freedmen? Yes
Amount paid this month? Nothing
Is your School supported in part by Freedmen?   
Amount paid this month? 
Have you had Bureau transportation this term? no
Who owns the School-building? Built by subscription
Is rent paid by Freedmen's Bureau? no
How much per month? none
What number of Teachers and Assistants in your School? myself one  
White? one
Colored? None 
Total enrolment for the month? 27  
Male?  [[?]]
Female? none

Number enrolled last report? 26
Number left school this month? 1
Number new Scholars this month? 2  
{Number enrolled last report, by adding new scholars and subtracting those left school, must equal the present total enrolment.}

{Schools are to kept five days per week and six hours each day.}
How many hours have you taught per day? 9
How many days have you taught this month? 10 in each week
{Give reasons for deficiency of time, (if any,) in teaching.}

What is the average attendance? 25
Number of Pupils for whom tuition is paid? 
Number of White Pupils? none
Number always present? About 25 
Number always punctual? About 25
Number over 16 years of age? 3
Number in Alphabet? None           
Number who spell, and read easy lessons? None
Number in advanced readers? 4
Number in Geography? 9
Number in Arithmetic? 5
Number in higher branches? 
Number in Writing? 13
Number in Needle-work? none
Number free before the war? 5
Have you a Sabbath-School? no
How many Teachers?   
How many Pupils? 
Have you an Industrial School?  no
How many Teachers?   
How many Pupils? 
State the kind of work done? none

☞ To the following questions give exact or approximate answers, prefixing to the latter the word "about."
1. Do you know of any Schools for Refugees or Freedmen not reported to the State Superintendent? No
How many? 
2. Give (estimated) whole number of pupils in all such Schools? 
No. of Teachers, 
3. Do you know of Sabbath Schools not reported to the State Superintendent? 
How many? 
4. Give (estimated) whole number of pupils in all such Schools? 
No. of Teachers, 
5. State the public sentiment towards Colored Schools, Not unfriendly
6. How many pupils in your School are members of a Temperance Society? Don't know
Name of the Society? There is none that I know of
I am employed by Harry Stephens a col'd man at $25.00 per month he gets aid from all quarters he can. There is a Sunday school held at the school house every Sunday held by Green Moore a col'd man, about 30 persons attend there. I am not connected with it. I would respectfully enquire if there is any prospect of getting any more funds from your office if not further reports will be useless. Heretofore you have sent me two blanks this time but one

(Signed) Mattie J Jones

* Or School Committee, either District, Town, City, County, or State?
† A pupil is not to be REPORTED as enrolled until after five days' attendance.

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