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[Ed. Form, No. 4.]
For the Month of May, 1869.

☞ A School under the distinct control of one Teacher, or a Teacher with one Assistant, is to be reported as one School.
☞ To be forwarded as soon as possible after the 1st of each month.

Number of Day-Schools  One
Number of Night-Schools  None
Location, and Name of School   Watkinsville
When opened On the first Monday in Jany  
Societies, &c., Patrons 0   
Number of Schools sustained by freedmen  One
Number of Schools sustained in part by freedmen 0  
Number of teachers transported by Bureau  0  
Number of School buildings owned by freedmen   0 
Number of School buildings furnished by Bureau  0   
Whole number of teachers  One     
White   None   
Colored   29   
Whole number of pupils enrolled  29    
Male  7    
Female 22     
Number of pupils enrolled last report   30   
Number left school this month  5 
Number of new scholars this month One   
Average attendance  24    
Number of pupils paying tuition  All except some orphans   
Number of White pupils  None    
Number always present [[?]] present     
Number always punctual   generally all attend punctually   
Number over 16 years of age   13   
Number in Alphabet  Some    
Number who spell and read easy lessons      
Number of advanced readers  16     
Number in geography   3   
Number in arithmetic   10   
Number in higher branches   None  
Number in writing  16    
Number on needlework  None
Number free before the war None
Number of Sabbath Schools One
Number of pupils in Sabbath Schools Between 35 to 40

To these questions give exact, or approximate answers.

1. How many above Schools are graded? 0
How many grades? o
2. How many Day or Night Schools, within your knowledge, not reported above?  0   
Number of pupils (estimated) in such Schools? 0   
3. How many Teachers in the above Day or Night Schools? 0     
White,  0   
Colored,  0  
4. How many Sabbath-Schools, within your knowledge, and not reported above? 0   
Number of pupils (estimated) in such Schools?  0  
5. How many Teachers in the above Sabbath-Schools?  0  
White, 0   
Colored,  0  
6. How many Industrial Schools?  0   
Whole number of pupils in all?  0   
State the kind of work done, 0   
7. Whole amount of tuition paid by the Freedmen during the month,  0
8. Whole amount of expenses for the above Schools by the Bureau for the month,  0
9. Grand total of expense per month for support of above schools by all parties   0   
10. Whole number of High or Normal Schools,0
How many pupils in all?  0   
11. Remarks
As regards the Questions here to be answered. I can offer no remarks as I have no direct Association with any of them I even rarely go to Athens to visit a friendly Institution there called Knox's Institute where who major resided in the that town he often accommodates me and Mr. Kelly with his horse & buggy to see & visit him.
☞ This report is incomplete unless each blank is filled by a number, or cypher.

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