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Nov. 13/96.

Mr. Wilson Eyre, Jr.,
927 Chestnut St.,
Philadelphia, Pa.

Dear Mr. Eyre:

My brother advises me that he has placed contracts for my sister’s house at Kingston and that the foundations will be completed this week. Below please find contractors’ names and amount of contracts:

Dolson, painting and glazing, --- $450.00
Cusack, plumbing and heating, --- 1018.00
Campbell, masonry, -------------- 1150.00 
Dederick, carpentry, ------------ 3750.00
Total, -------------------------- 6368.00

So you will see the cost of the house will not exceed the limit. I believe the builders are all responsible and competent and doubt not that the house will be very satisfactory when finished.

Yours very truly,
Charles L. Freer

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