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Office Supt. Refugees 9th Dist.,
Fort Monroe, Va. Jan 12th 1866.

Col. O. Brown
Asst. Comr Freedmans Bureau, State of Va.
Richmond, Va.,

I have the honor to request transportation for the following named persons to their former homes, to wit:

Keziah Washington   }
Easter Washington   } Prince George Co. Va. order No. 224
Virginia Washington }

Melvin Johnson = City Point, Va. Order No. 225

John Tyler    }
Nathan Barnes } Claremont, Surry Co., Va., Order No. 226

James Ruffin }
Lewis Driver } To Richmond, Va., & not to begin

A part of these have already obtained employment at their former homes, but lack the means of paying their passage.  The balance are confident of their ability to care for themselves, and relieve the Govt. of their support.  

I am Colonel,
Very respectfully your obedient servant
C.B. Wilder
Capt. & A.Q.M. & Supt. 9th Dist.,

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