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Norfolk Jany 16/66
Col O Brown
Asst Comr
Dear Sir
Your kind favor of the 13th is this day received for which best regards. You neede not entertain any doubts about my being decreed about the necessity of a Continuence of the Freedmen Bureau but you can see what is going on in Richmond Gordan Ville and other places that it requires to be greatly strengthened or aided by the military. I am not disappointed nor either is any one of the true Union party of Norfolk in what is every day taking place. Our only wonder is that such tallented and pure men as I look upon President Johnson Gov Pierpoint and a Verry large Number of Federal Officers should have been so decreed. as to suppose either Union men or Freedmen would be safe for the next Ten or Twenty years under a restored Government to the States, without a Strong Military protection The trouble has been and will continue to

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