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be [[?]] a different policy is persued the consulting professedly reformed Rebs who push themselves upon the Officials and profess to be the best Union men in the Country. the fact is from a short time after the federal forces came here to the end of the war. Certain Rebs. from their wealth and other influences besides a large stock of impertince have exercised to much influence. untill they have acqured an importence to resist which require a strong never upon the part of Government officials, whilst we so few in number are looked upon with cantempt by the Rebs, and in every neglected by the Government and this thing is growing worse everyday. every Pardon by the President is looked upon as a triumph over the handful of union men

On New Years day the Freedmen had a prosession. I was in Market Square. There was a man dressed in Gray. he could not hold in but spoke what I know to be the sentiments of a large majority. he boasted of haveing been a Major in the Rebel Army. and

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