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lately from fort Warren and if he knew there was one Yankee concerned in getting up that prosesseon he would go in to fighting again. this remark was made for the Union me of Norfolk and possibly for me individually but I dare not say any thing, for suppose a Union man and a returned Reb. have a difficulty growing our of Politics what would be the result twenty to on against me all changed to overflowing with the old hatred. if they should share my life that would be all I could ask for it would be idle to go to Lord where the Judge and all the Jury were Rebs.

I am preparing a full statement of the condition of things for Sumner of the Senate and Stevens of the House which I shall forward in a few days in which I am aided by several others.

Now let me give you the Rule that governs me in deciding whether a man is an indipendent Loyall man or Fishy  let him profess what he may if he says that Summer and Stevens are Radicals. I set him down as having an Ax to Grind and

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