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as follows?
I learn that in some cases the issue of Material is permitted to Industrial or sewing schools. Can such issue be made in my case? Can I have, say:
300 yards of the coarse grey cloth known as "Bureau Cloth"?
Or, if this is not approved by your judgment, would you turn over to me some of the coarse clothing, partly condemned as "irregular" Military clothing, I believe, held by the Bureau Quartermaster in large quantities. I wish this to [[strikethrough]] [[illegible]] [[/strikethrough]] cut over into small garments for children, to give practice and employment to needlewomen, paying them for their labor, in the articles they thus make. I should like, for this purpose, say: Trousers cloth "irregular" 250 pr
Shirts "Osnaburg" 250 pr
The Industrial School is reasonably

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