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WHEREAS, where there are areas with large parcels of Federally-owned land, or lands held in trust under Johnson-O'Malley school contracts with the States; and

WHEREAS, the Federal Government provides funds to build schools, fields and recreational buildings, these facilities are rapidly becoming inadequate due to increased regulations, and transient problems,

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, by the Affiliated Tribes of Northwest Indians at the annual convention held at Spokane, Washington, this 29th day of August, 1956, where thirty tribes are present from the Northwestern States, that the Federal Government provide funds to construct adequate recreational facilities and other necessities--including personnel--under the Johnson-O'Malley Act and enter into contracts with States for such purposes, wherever the situation requires such action.


h. BE IT RESOLVED, when funds, withheld from the sale of Indian timber to meet administrative expenses, exceed actual costs that the excess shall be distributed to the Indians without unreasonable delay,

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, by the Affiliated Tribes of Northwest Indians that an itemized statement of sales be given to the seller and the tribal council involved.


i. BE IT RESOLVED, by the Affiliated Tribes of Northwest Indians, meeting in annual convention at Spokane, Washington, this 29th of August, 1956, that we endorse Senate Concurrent Resolution 25, introduced by Senator Warren G. Magnuson of Washington in the 84th Congress,

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that we request that a similar resolution be introduced in the 85th Congress and the Congress of the United States give early approval of such a resolution.



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