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Well, long since the wounds have been healed. We have a deep love for our country which we would not accept to be second to that of any people. But, may we tell you that we know a little bit of that historically of difficulties and trials and trouble,es, and have survived to become a respected and trusted participating group of American citizens. We believe most humbly and honestly that your destiny is great and that it will be realized by honest, decent people who overlooking the unfortunate experiences of the past, will give their strength and intelligence and loyalty to the cause of perpetuating decency and equality among men. Mayor Stewart has told you a little of the attitude of the early pioneers   I wonder if you would know that this Church being organized in 1830, the first missionary venture ever organized in it left the fall of the same year, left New York, four missionaries and traveled fifteen hundred miles in infamous weather on foot among the Cataraugans and the Wyandots and other Indians of the Eastern area. The trail of history later carved by the pioneers was on that missionary trail. WhEnt they arrived here in 1847, this city has been established just that long, one of their very first adventures was missionary works among the Indian people, and the attitude of Brigham Young, as has been expressed, and the attitude of the people today, was that they should feed and love and not fight the Indians. I think we can say, modestly and conservatively, that in no other colonial area, were there so few serious incidents between the settlers and the Indians. As to today, we would like to suggest to you that our attitude is expressed in what our people feel for and try to do with their Indian neighbors. It is pretty well expressed in what is happening in Southern Utah. I have been within the last month, in Parowan, and Loa, and Enterprise, and other areas in Southern Utah. There many of the fine children from Indian tribes are living with the people in that area, attending school, taking advantage of the blessings of the civilization in that great country, and then returning home to live among their own people. We have a wonderful program of students at the B.T.U. as I am sure you will hear from Dr. Wilkinson at a later time. Our attitude is exactly what it has always been, that we should love, and in every sense treat as equals,