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superiors, if they manifest it, all of God's children. So may we welcome you here with deep sincerity, hope that you will take advantage of some of the facilities of this city and the Church, We have one of the great tourist centers in the world just three blocks up the street, We have about a million and a quarter people who travel from all over the world to see it every year We hope while you are with us you won't miss the opportunity. One of the great organs of the world is there to hear and we would like to make it available to your leaders and to you as your time permits. And let me conclude with just this thought: "Not only are we historically and by reason of attitude related to you and attached to you, we believe and its in our religious literature that the ancestors of at least some of you who inherited this very land are related in terms to blood to us and that we have a history which will be a great and marvelous blessing and is so to many of the fine people of your groups who are reading it and learning about it. So God bless you while you are here, if there is anything we can do as a people, to make your welcome more warm and more sincere, we will be pleased if you would call on us to let us do it. Thank you."

Thank you, Elder Hanks. The appreciation of all of us for the hospitality we have [[crossed-out]]experienced[[/crossed-out]] been shown will be expressed in English by one of our Executive Council Members, Mr. Alex Saluskin, Yakima Tribe. 

"Thank you, Mr. Wesley.  Mr. Shoemaker, [[crossed-out]]Mr.[[/crossed-out]] Mayor Stewart, Elder Hanks, and members of the Ute Tribe, Affiliated Ute Citizens. The delegates and the guests to the 13th Annual Convention of the National Congress of American Indians appreciates more than we can say the warm welcome you gave us and the hospitality you have shown us. We are enjoying the cleanliness and the beauty of your fine city and your state, and we shall take home with uspleasant memories of your fine people. We are especially grateful to the [[crossed-out]]hard working and generous[[/crossed-out]] very generous and hard working people who have given so much to make this one of the finest conventions. the Indian people have had. On behalf of every delegate , that we appreciate the proclamation given by Governor Lee, received in this convention and also Mr. Edler Hanks, the fine reception given in behalf of the people of these cities. Now, it is gratifying to hear thatthese fine, that you 

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