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will assist us. in our endeavor to achieve the things that we aspire at. It gives us a high morale and feeling that we are going to be successful whether in the field of religion or whether in the field of politics yet we have one problem that we are bringing here to this convention and when we have people to assure us that they will stand behind you know it makes me feel deep inside that firendlinesso [[friendliness so]] in behalf of this convention I thank these people. That is all."
   Thank you Mr. Saluskin. The theme of our 1956 Convention will be presented by Mr. Francis McKinley,a member of the Ute Tribe of Utah. Francis:
   "Mr. Chairman, (Yes) and delegates to the 13th Annual Convention. I was asked to make a few remarks regarding the theme of this convention. My purpose isn't to give a speech up here, it is merely to give you some idea in regard to the theme, because I feel that in this convention, that you can implement those ideas which will express our hopes andour [[and our]] desires, and how wefeel [[we feel]] as Indian people in regard to our many problems today. I might explain [[crossed-out]]on[[/crossed-out]] how this theme developed. Not too long ago we had a convention an [[crossed-out]]d[[/crossed-out]] annual investors convention [[crossed-out]]of our own[[/crossed-out]]on our home reservation. The theme was "From Riches to Reservation." We did think that [[crossed-out]]a[[/crossed-out]] thought expressed how we felt [[crossed-out]]about[[/crossed-out]] as Indian people in reference to the development of the reservation. So when Mrs. Peterson called me on the phone one day and explained to me that they hadn't as yet decided on a theme of this convention,I rather casually mentioned that this sounds like that convention we had here recently; what you are saying strikes me as saying that from the reservations comes riches. And so , well, I forgot about it, but I find that they put it on the program. And so I guess that I'm partly responsible for this, I mean so I'm getting my just desserts up here today in front of you, and I'm supposed to tell you what it means. But, I feel,in reference to this theme, [[strikethrough]]in my [[/strikethrough]] it might sound rather deplorable in the face of our many problems, in the face of

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