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our health conditions, in the face of the great many problems, the economic suffering that we undergo periodically, it may sound funny that we are actually setting up a

from a reservation. We're not thinking in terms of money, for the Lord knows that we don't have that. But we mean inreference to riches, to the great human potentiality of the Indian people, to the great sources of the undeveloped [[crossed out]]national[[/crossed out]] natural resources, which have not as yet been touched, and also to the great contribution we have made to American society which too often is not appreciated. We have made great contributions in our traditions and culture, and even [[crossed out]]from the[[/crossed out]] to the food habits of this country we have contributed much to the laws and also to the constitutional form of our government. This is too often ignored and forgotten and we areportrayed too often as ignorant savages. But even spite of that, we have contributed so much to this society and to the world and that is what we mean by the riches that we have given and that we still posses today [[crossed out]]and[[/crossed out]] if given a chance [[crossed out]]that[[/crossed out]] we will be able to contribute further. We have in our Indian people traditions, the regard for neighbors, the regard for the welfare of our relatives, which sometimes causes our welfare people in the states great distress because when grandpa, grandma gets money, why the whole family spends it. Well, that is our regard for the welfareof our people and our relatives. They say sometimes when the Indian comes visiting that he gives everything away, that it all goes to his friends, and his relatives, and he is left penniless, even after building up his standing. That, I think, is being forgotten, among our Indian people. We are too busy conforming with the American society, we are too busy trying to compete as the white man competes with himself, so we are in a dog eats dog rat race. We have forgotten our traditions, as a result of that our family life is disintegrating, our children are [[crossed out]]becoming are [[/crossed out]]adding to the great increase in juvenile delinquency and crime all because they have lost their regard for parental guidance and advice. Maybe its the movies, may be its the television, but we are too busy in conforming so therefore, those traditions, those customs we have that too often people make fun of, aren't useful to us in face of this great competitive era and in face of the breakdown of the family home and our family units which we must try to hold together.

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