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It isn't only the ambition of the Indian people but its the ambition of every agency every religious group, to hold the family together. And I think that is one of the greatest contributions that we have made and that we want to contribute toward the rest of society. We also have great resources, as Mayor Stewart just said, many of our lands were given to the Indian people because nobody wanted it, but those lands when developed, sometimes surprise us, by sprouting oil or minerals, or that is, other raw resources which have made this country great, which have made America the leading nation in the world. And I dare say that there are still many of these untouched resources on our reservations today. If we could concentrate upon those and concentrate not upon moving away from the reservation, being taken away and slagged on in some city, to make our livelihood, that this might be an idea to develop our reservation and our people then the rest will take care of itself, the educational process will take care of itself. First of all, we've got to change the attitude of our Indian people who have become frustrated because they are trying to tie their traditions with the present society and the result is frustration. We are in the center line where we don't know which way to go, but taking the best from our own culture and traditions and combining it with the great American traditions, I am sure that we will grow to be a better people. But we cannot do it by transplanting ourselves elsewhere and conforming, because nothing will be abandoned, all the moral and social values that we have had in the past, which is in danger of slipping away from us. If can concentrate upon that, I believe the rest will be easier to combat. Thank you," 

   Thank you, Mr. McKinley. We have a familiar representative of the delegates here at this time, and at each time we will call upon each chairman and as you are called upon will you please introduce your delegates. 

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