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by political ambitions [[strikethrough]]with[[/strikethrough]] of those entrusted with responsibilities over Indian affairs, have brought on those undesirable conditions. ¶ As an example, one of these catastrophes is that of of the area of land which that was origanlly inall held in possession by the Indians after many agreements and treaties were signed, less than one-third of that small fragment[[strikethrough]]s[[/strikethrough]] remains in Indian ownership today. The last remaining lands of the various tribes make[[strikethrough]]s[[/strikethrough]] the difference between [[strikethrough]]that tribe and the annihilation[[/strikethrough]] their identity as [[strikethrough]]that[[/strikethrough]] tribes or complete annihilation as [[strikethrough]]a[[/strikethrough]] tribes. We must band together to convince our government that the program in Indian health, in education and in welfare, can be of no importance, unless first we retain the ground upon which those programs can be exercised. ¶ [[strikethrough]]In other words,[[/strikethrough]] To raise afamily, we must first have a home, and in order to have a home, we must have land. Among the many advantages and arguments for [[strikethrough]]of[[/strikethrough]] retaining Indian lands I wish to give the following:[[strikethrough]]example[[/strikethrough]]. 1. 2. I heard somewhere a forecast on the growth of the population of this country. It stated that in 30 yrs. the population of this country will have been doubled, in other words, our population will become [[strikethrough]]so[[/strikethrough]] as large as that of India[[strikethrough]]n[[/strikethrough]] or of China. The influx of population will not be even throughout the country. It will not be in the East. It will be west of the Mississippi River. This prediction, or this forecast, [[strikethrough]]states again[[/strikethrough]] goes on to state that in 30 years the population west of the Mississippi River will have increased 30 times, mind you, 30 times in 30 years, 30 times this number. We are going to be crowded for living space[[strikethrough]]s[[/strikethrough]]; we are going to have to "elbow" our way through crowds. Certainly if there [[strikethrough]]was[[/strikethrough]] is anyone entitled to a living space in the United States, it should be the American Indian. ¶ [[strikethrough]]A second argument: you[[strikethrough]] 3. It is said that in World War II over 8 million men were placed in arms in defense of this country, [[strikethrough]]This country, to defend, is made up[[/strikethrough]] of this great land. Certainly the people of this country have a greater appreciation than just to dissipate, or encourage Indian people to dissipate, their land ownings. As another example, when many of those boys who [[strikethrough]]have[[/strikethrough]] served their country overseas, [[strikethrough]]and have[[/strikethrough]]  returned to this country, their first reaction was [[strikethrough]]is[[/strikethrough]] to run to the bare ground and get down on [[strikethrough]]all fours[[/strikethrough]] Their hands and knees and kiss that land in appreciation of its value and its strength. I believe that anyone who encourages the [[strikethrough]]the[[/strikethrough]] Indian to dispose of his land [[strikethrough]]would be[[/strikethrough]] is double talking [[strikethrough]]dealing?[[/strikethrough]] in terms of justice, and in terms of Indian

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