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count for us and those of you who plan to attend the church service in the morning tell us if you are going to both the church service and the breakfast so they will know how many to plan for. Will you raise your hands if you are going to the service and the breakfast. This is the Catholic service and breakfast to which you have been invited. Will you please count and hold your hands up long enough so you can be counted. There will be a supper or a lunch which each of us will [[crossed-out]]take [[/crossed-out]] pay for himself to be followed by Indian dancing, a real genuine Indian party, and everybody who has or can get the proper clothing should wear it and use it, and again we need to know how many of you will come out to eat a lunch supper, [[crossed-out]]chicken, [[/crossed-out]] fried chicken, for a dollar and a half. We have got to tell them how much to fix. Will you raise your hands for all those who are coming to the Indian party tomorrow night. They will count each side separately. 

To the banquet at Thursday at which Congressman Lee Metcalf of Montana will be the speaker, we are asking you when you register to buy your banquet ticket for $4.00 Please buy those banquet tickets just as early as you can so we are not interrupting these meetings all the time. The hotel asks us and we have to give them a count. If you haven't registered, please do so. We are giving you until two o'clock to come back and we have to know these things about how many will be there, or then we don't have enough room. So when you register, you will be asked, every single one of you, to register, as an individual. Don;t worry about tribal registration. Every single person should register. After you have turned in your credentials for the tribe and the name of the person who is to cast the [[crossed-out]]tie [[/cross-out]] tribe's vote, then that person who is to cast the tribe's vote will be issued a blue card and only people who are to cast the tribe vote will wear blue identification badges. But don't worry about tribal registration. If you want to talk about dues or whether you are in good standing, Woodrow Wilson, would you stand up again, please, so they know who you are. He's back in the corner in the [[crossed-out]]White [[/crossed-out]] light coat, he is the Chairman of the [[crossed-out]] Tribal [[crossed-out]] Credentials Committee. Give to him or to me or to Miss Henderson, statements or resolutions having to do with who is to cast the tribe's vote and resolutions to join and if you have any questions about tribal membership do those

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