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November 19th., 1943.

Dear Joe:

My cousin, with whom you spoke over the telephone,
evidently didn´t get your message correctly, and it is
only by "paging" you at several hospitals that I succeeded in locating you.

I did open one of your letters to our poor Hans, addressed
to the office, and immediately wrote to you in North
Africa. I am afraid, from what my cousin told me, that
you never received it.

What a shock it must have been for you to reach our
great city as a wounded soldier and find one of your
good friends dead, and the others at the four corners
of the world!

I would be delighted to see you, but of course have
no idea whether your condition allows you to leave
the hospital - otherwise I will go to see you. In the
meantime do let me know whether there is anything you
need which I could send on.

With kind thoughts,


Corporal Joseph Scott,
Halloran Hospital,
Staten Island, N.Y.             (Germain Séligmann)

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