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Germain Seligman      June 28, 1946

Deposited the following to the credit of your personal account with the Empire Trust Company:

Dividend check - 100 shares - Merck & Company........ $25.-
Dividend check - 100 shares - American Bemberg........ 25.-
United States War Bond interest check............... 12.50

Received a very conciliatory letter from McKay Morant & Co., as per copy attached. The premium payable now is $24.25, instead of $48.25 as originally charged. As instructed, I shall send Mrs. Dickerman an invoice for such premium.

July 1, 1946

Allied Stores- The stock of this corporation closing today at $1, I bought through Mr. Edgar a fractional 5/7 subscription warrant at the price of $4.56, which together with the fourteenth 2/5 share subscription warrants you received, gives you the right to subscribe to fifteenth additional shares of this company at $47.- each. Total cost, $709.56 which I paid to Baker, Weeks & Harden by check drawn on the two signatures cashier account, debiting you in our books temporarily.

In order to reimburse said cashier account for this remittance, I shall ask Mr. Robbins to make a transfer in the same amount from J.P. Morgan & Co., against his special credit of $5,000.

COURBET "Femme dans les Fleurs" - Mr. Ritchie came in to look at this canvas. We went, together with Mr. Georges, to the Manhattan Warehouse where he examined the painting thoroughly. He instructed us to ship it right away on approval to the Museum in Buffalo, which in accordance with your instructions I am attending to.

July 3, 1946

Lloyds mailed cover note extending the insurance of the marble statute at the Art Institute of Chicago up to July 6, and cover note renewing the policy Dubrujeaud for another year to June 12, 1947.

Lists - As requested, I am appending the following:

1- Descriptive list of personal objects to be sold at auction (1 page) (As I told you previous to your departure, there are four items for which I can find no information at all in your personal inventory.)

2- Descriptive list of personal objects left on consignment with Paris (3 pages). I am enclosing duplicates of these lists together with self-addressed envelope to Mr. Fulda, as you told me you might send them on to him directly with your personal remarks. 

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