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Germain Seligman    July 3, 1946

Funds - I am giving Mr. Robbins instructions today to transfer $258.- from his special credit at J. P. Morgan & Co., Inc. to the Cashier account. These requirements over the estimated funds arise mainly from the following:

Personal disbursements for your account - $601.- instead of $408.- as estimated, i.e., $193.- (Expenses not in connection with special credit of $700.-)

Sales Tax - Golschmann - $50.-

Personal Insurance - Mrs. Parker gave me your message to cover Mrs. Seligman's sapphire ring on your personal floater for $700.-, which I already attended to. In this connection I wish to call to your attention that I already had raised at your request the total insurance amount by $1,000.- to cover her clothing, etc. I made a note for September to take a complete inventory of such items in order to readjust your floater.

Trusting that you will enjoy your honeymoon,

Sincerely yours, 

(O.A. Liechti)

Mr. Germain Seligmann
Reading P.O.
Montego Bay,
Jamaica, British West Indies

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