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June 28, 1946

Dear Germain:

I was called this morning by Gerson and Thalheimer from the Fine Arts Associates, our recent clients, to look at a painting by RENOIR whose photograph is herein enclosed.

General remarks: The painting is 26 x 12-1/2". Its general appearance is much lighter in color than the photograph, but not less powerful and has a lot of air. One should not forget that the painting is rather vulgar, as most of the painting by RENOIR of that period. I date it "1902", as well as Gerson and Thalheimer.

Colors: The colors are very different than they seem on the photograph. For instance, the corsage is pink, with white collar and white cuffs, and one sees the white shirt in the opening of the corsage. The background is green-blue and yellow-green. To the right the curtain has the same colors but more emphasized; I mean dark blue and highlighted in yellow. The hat is dark purple with a [[strikethrough]] little ribbon. That [[/strikethrough]] red ribbon is far from being flashy in color. The dress is the same color as the hat but might lighter in color. The chair is reddish. The hair is very dark. There is nothing special to say about the skin which is a RENOIR skin of that period. The picture is in perfect condition and very well framed.

This painting is on consignment at Fine Arts Associates. They bargained the price down to $11,500.-, and offer us a one-half share in this painting at that price. They emphasized that they have offerred it to a Museum for an amount of $17,500.-, and should we buy the painting in joint account with them, what would be my reaction to that?

I answered that we would most probably be glad to make a profit of $6,000. if this happened fast.

They are going to drag their answer until Monday or Tuesday next, July 1st or 2nd; so as soon as you can, [[strikethrough]] send [[/strikethrough]] cable your answer.

And in any case, I promised to return the photograph to them, so please send it back.

Another comment: This painting, being important in size, seems to me on the cheap side, remembering that Salz showed us two years ago smaller ones having the same character of vulgarity at much higher prices, and he sold them, or rather they do not hang around his home anymore.

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