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June 26, 1946

Dear Mr. Seligman, 

Pursuant to your instructions left with us prior to your departure, we have remitted today for your account to Julius H. Weitzner the sum of $4,250. (Four thousand two hundred fifty 00/100 dollars), being in full payment of your purchase of a painting by COROT "Dunkerque".

As you had left with us your personal check on J.P. Morgan & Co., Inc. in the sum of $5,500. (Five thousand five hundred 00/100 dollars) in settlement of this transaction, we are therefore depositing the resulting difference of $1,250. (One thousand two hundred fifty 00/100 dollars), to your personal account with J.P. Morgan & CO., Inc. Trusting that you will find the above in order,

Yours very truly,

(O.A. Liechti)

Mr. Germain Seligman
47 East 61st Street
New York 21, N.Y.