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By order of Col. O. Brown, Asst. Comr.
James A. Bates
Capt. and A.A.A.G.
Triplicate sent Genl. O.O. Howard 

[[strikethrough]] Letter of Instructions
No. 1.
January 22nd, 1866.
Capt. A.S. Flagg:
A.Q.M. & Supt. 1st Dist.
You will instruct your Assistant Superintendent at Norfolk, to afford every possible assistance - not involving the expenditure of money, to the Agent of the Intelligence Office opened near his Head Quarters; for the benefit of the Freedmen, by Rev. Mr. Stockwell of this City. You will further instruct your Asst. Supt. that said agent will collect from employers the following tariff of prices for contracts, and that the Intelligence Office must be self-sustaining, and that he is not at liberty to collect fees from other parties-

For verbal contracts, between parties residing in the State, fifty cents.

For verbal contracts where the employer resides without the State, one dollar.

For written contracts, one dollar. [[/strikethrough]]

[[note]] not sent see Folio No 27 [[/note]]


[[strikethrough]] The Agent of the Intelligence Office will be required to keep complete records of all business transacted at his office, said records to be inspected once a week, by the Asst. Supt, who will, on the last day of each month, report these transactions, through your Office, to the Asst. Commr.
By Order of Col. O. Brown, Asst. Comr.
Capt. & A.A.A.G. 

Similar copies of the above letter were sent
to the Supt, 2nd Dist, in regard to Intelg. Office at Petersburg
to the Supt. 3rd Dist, in regard to Intelg. Office at Richmond
to the Supt. 4th Dist, in regard to Intelg. Officer at Fredericksburg & Charlottesville
to the Supt. 7th Dist, in regard to Intelg. Office at Lynchburg

Copy sent Genl. O.O. Howard - [[/strikethrough]]
[[note]] not sent [[/note]]

Special Order
No. 16. 
January 22nd, 1866. 
I. The following named Officers having reported in compliance with Par. 23. S.O. No. 16, C.S. War Department, A.G.O. are hereby ordered to report in person, without delay, to Captain A.S. Flagg, A.Q.M. and Superintendent, Bureau R.F. & A.L., Norfolk Va, for assignment to duty - to relieve Officers, whose regiments have been ordered to be mustered out of service.

Bvt. Major J.R. Stone, Captain 24th Regt V.R.C. 

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