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[[right margin]] Novr 4/67 J. A. Dunn [[/right margin]]

Terry Miss
Nov 4th 1867

Maj Sumner

Dr sir

Some three or four weeks since a freedman (Dave Isham) came to me to know if he must pay back to his employer Mr Capity 50 Bushels of corn to each mule used in working his crop. I asked him if he had agreed to do so in his contract, he said he had, and I told him that he would of course pay back the corn, this is all the complaint he made to me. and I was supprised when he came to me to day and presented your communication of the 22nd of October.

You may rest assured that the matter will be investigated if there should be any ground of complaint

Very respectfully your
Obt srvt
J.A. Dunn
Terry Dist.

[[right margin]] Nov. 4. 67 [[/right margin]]

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