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Maj S.S. Sumner;

The freedmen Tom Brown & Lawrence Williams are now here - and I suppose, picking the cotton though I have not seen it. I presume if they work they will be through with it by Wednesday or Thursday next. Will you please send a direct order by Matthew that you will either send or be here on either of these days and that they be here at that time: and may I ask that you be here during the morning that I may have your assistance (or the gentleman you send) in making up their acct that they may receive strict justice & be ready to leave as soon as possible after the settlement - the days are short and I wish them to pay what you think right out of their crops, now in their own keeping, while you are here = This is asking much - but you have been very kind & patient and the amount to be settled  - not being very large - I hope it will not be very troublesome - I am unaccustomed to business transactions & dread them

Truly with respect
Mrs. B.L. Clark

Lonewood Nov 16th 1867.

Nov 16th Mrs. B.L. C

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---------- Reopened for Editing 2024-02-13 15:44:42 The writer's "r" can look like "e". Looks good. But there is some vertical text that is partially cut at the bottom of the page. Not sure if that needs to be deciphered.