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Book Reviews -------------------------------------------------------- Reviewed by
Coming of Age in Mississippi, --------------------------------------- John Henrik Clarke ----- 259
Bloodline ----------------------------------------------------------- Loyle Hairston --------- 262
Scottsboro: A Tragedy of the American South ------------------------- William L. Patterson --- 265
The Soul Brothers and Sister Lou ------------------------------------ Jean Carey Bond -------- 273
Search for a Place: Black Separatism and Africa, 1860, --------------- Hollis R. Lynch -------- 276
Recent Books -------------------------------------------------------- Ernest Kaiser ---------- 278


Jean Carey Bond (The Soul Brothers and Sister Lou and The Wild Bunch) is a New York Writer whose reviews and articles appear frequently in FREEDOMWAYS. Her recently published book for children, "Brown Is A Beautiful Color", has been widely acclaimed. 

Loyle Hairston (Bloodline) writes fiction, essays and book reviews. His short story "Harlem On The Rocks" appeared in the last issue of FREEDOMWAYS.

William L. Patterson (Scottsboro: A Tragedy of the American South) is the distinguished attorney, civil rights leader and Marxist who brought the frame-up of the Scottsboro "Boys" to the attention of the world. 

Hollis R. Lynch (Search For A Place: Black Separatism and Africa) is on the faculty of Columbia University and is the author of "Edward Wilmot Blyden, Pan-Negro Patriot" reviewed in the previous issue of FREEDOMWAYS.

Cover drawing entitled MAN is by the well-known Afro-American artist, John Biggers.  Author of the book "Ananse: The Web of Life in Africa", Mr. Biggers is best known for his drawings, paintings and sculptures of Black men and women of the rural South.  


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