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Endorsement on Communication from Mary J. Smith, who desires a colored Orphan boy and girl between 12 & 15 years of age
Head Qrs Dist, Miss.
Bur. R.F and A.L.

Vicksburg March 1, 1867
Respectfully referred, tho' Sub Commissioner
Dist Lauderdale, to Supt. Howard Orphan
Asylum, to know if he has such a boy and girl

By order of 
Bv't Brig Genl Gillem
(signed) A. W. Preston

Office Sub Comm'r Bu.R.F.and A.L.
Lauderdale, Miss, March 7, 1867.
Respectfully referred to J.A. Mendenhall,
Supt. Howard Orphan Asylum: Attention called to Endorsement from Dist. H'd. Q'rs
Jas W. Sunderland
Capt. Sub-Comm'r.
Dist of Lauderdale.

Endorsement on Communication from E.P.Foot who desires to be appointed Agent of the Bureau for Clark Co. Mississippi
Head Qrs Dist. Miss.
Office Asst Comm'r
Vicksburg, Miss. March 6t, 1867.
Respectfully returned, tho' Sub Asst Comm'r,
District Lauderdale, to Mr Foot No Ag'ts of this Bureau will be appointed at present
By order of
Bvt Brig Genl Gillem
(signed) A.W. Preston
Capt V.R.C. Bvt Maj US.V.
& Actg Asst Adjt Genl

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