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Office Sub Asst. Commissioner
Bureau Refugees, Freedmen &c
Lauderdale, Miss. March 9, 1867.
Respectfully returned to Mr Foot, Attention invited to the endorsement from Hd Qrs District of Miss. March 6, 1867.

Jas. W. Sunderland.
Capt & Sub Asst. Comm'r.
Dist of Lauderdale
Endorsement of Communication from H.A.Penniman A.A.Surg. asking for transportation for Mary Ann Page from 
Lauderdale, Miss to Demopolis, Ala.
Office Asst Sub Comm'r,
Lauderdale Miss Febry 24 1867.
Respectfully forwarded
(sig'd) D M White
Lieut H.V.R.C. A.S.C

Head Qrs Dist Mis Bu. R.F and A.L.
Vicksburg, Miss. Feby 26, 1867.
Respectfully returned to D. Penniman (thro' Asst Sub Comm'r Dist Werdian) Information requested as to whether this person is unable to work. The Gov't does not transport persons who are able to take care of themselves, and no person who is able to work need be without an employment sufficient to provide for all wants.

By order of
Bvt Brig Genl Gillem
(signed) A.H.Preston.
A.A.A Genl.

Office Sub Comm'r Lauderdale Miss
March 6. 1867

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Respectfully returned to D.H.H.Penniman
Attention invited to the foregoing endorsement from Head Qrs Dist. Mississippi
Jas W. Sunderland
Capt V.R.C Sub Comm'r.

Howard Hospital, Lauderdale, Miss
March 7, 1867.

Respectfully returned with information that M. A. Page has gone to the country. transportation not now needed.
(Sigd) Henry H Penniman
A.A.Sury U.S.A in ch

Office Sub Dist Comm'r. Dist of Lauderdale
Lauderdale, Miss. Mch 8, 1867
Respectfully forwarded
Jas. W. Sunderland
Capt & Sub Dist Comm'r.
Endorsement on Communication from Major A. W. Preston A. A. A. Gen. to A. H. Surgeon H.H.Penniman
stating that transportation orders for Samuel Jenkins destitute aged Freedmen have been issued transporting him from Holly Springs, Miss to Bureau Hospital at Lauderdale, &c.

Office Sub-Asst Commr. Bur. R. F. and A.L.
District of Lauderdale, Lauderdale, Miss. March 11, '67.
Respectfully referred to H.H. Penniman A.A. Surgeon in Charge of Howard Hospital, for his information.

Jas W. Sunderland
Capt. & Sub Asst. Comm'r.

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