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L.R.B. 295. 2. Vol 1865.  6

Head Qrs Dept of Va
Richmond Va Apl 6th/66

[[left margin]] 
Johnson James 
Maj & Supt 

[[/left margin]]

Respty referred to Col. O. Brown Asst Comr Bureau R F & A.L.
There being no officers of this Military Command stationed at the point designated within, it is requested that the agent of the Bureau nearest to that point be directed to make an investigation in this case returning these papers with report.
By command of Bvt Maj Genl Turner 
(Sgd) Ed. W. Smith

Bureau R F & A L
Head Qrs Asst Comr Va
Richmond Va Apl 7th/66

Va Dept of
Respty referred to Maj James Johnson Supt 10th Dist for the investigation and report called for by Maj Genl Turner.
By order of Col. O. Brown Asst Comm'r
James A. Bates
Capt & A A A G

L.R.J. 142.2. Vol, 1866.
(22 Enclo)

Bureau R F & A L
Head Qrs Asst Comr Va
Richmond Va Apl 7th/66

James W L
Col & Q.M.
Dept Va 
Respty returned to Col W L James Chf Qr Mr
These men were employed in the Q.M. Dept. and the proceeds of their labor taken up as Qr Mr property - they were reported by Capt. O. Brown A.Q.M. and Supt of Negro affairs for the District south of James River. Dept of Va. for the months of Sept. Oct. Nov. & Dec. 1864 and January February March and April 1865. -
The Rolls on which these men were reported were certified - attention invited to added certificate on accompanying Rolls.
The men were not paid for the reason that Capt. O. Brown A.Q.M could not procure the funds for the purpose before he was relieved from duty. The rest of the employees on the Rolls from which these names were taken have been paid from by the Q.M. Dept. - Regular transfer rolls were made out to Capt. Flagg A.Q.M, but he declined paying because the men were not in Gov't employ at the time the transfer was

[[left margin]] 
Flagg A. S.
Capt A Q M  
[[/left margin]]

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