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postponed the trial of the case. In order to ensue the trial of cases, I have been compelled to personally accompany, the Freedman to the magistrate, and insist upon the immediate trial of the case. In a case of "Assault and Battery" on a Freedman named Joseph I referred the case to magistrate form of Nottoway County. I sent the request, by the Plaintiff. Magistrate form refused to issue a warrant, and said he was not "elected to attend to a damned lot of Niggers", upon hearing this, I rode up to enquire into the matter, he denied of having made use of the above remark. but the statements of the Freedmen who heard him was sufficient to convince me that he did.  I could if desired, mention dozens of such cases of injustice and prejudice and that they will continue to increase I have no doubt of.  

I am Gen
Very Respectfully 
Your Obdt Servant.
D. Jerome Connolly  
Brvt Capt. N.L.T c
Asst Liedt in charge
Nottoway & Lunenburg bo'l Va.

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