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Bureau Refugees Freedmen & A. Lands
Sub Dist No. 6, Bedford & Botetourt Co's
Libery Va.
August 2d 1866

Bvt. Brig. General O. Brown
A.A.A.G. Bureau R.F. & A.L.
Richmond Va.

In compliance with Circular No.10 I have the honor to transmit the following report.

Competent colored persons are admitted by the civil authorities as witnesses.  But their evidence is not considered, and has not the same effect as it would have, if it were given by white persons.

I have attended during the last month, all trials of criminal cases that came to my notice, and as many of the preliminary hearings before magistrates as I possibly could, in which colored persons were a party.  It is impossible for me to attend all of the latter, as great many of the warrant trials, in the different magistraterial district come on the same days-

There were but two of the above named cases in the-

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