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Bureau Ref. Freedmen and A. Lands
3rd Division 7th Sub. Dist. Va
Martinsville Va. March 31st/68.
Bv't Brig Genl O. Brown
Asst. Commissioner
Richmond Va. 

Pursuant to instructions contained in Circular No. 10- Series 1866. Head Quarters Bureau Ref. Freedmen and A. Lands State of  Va. I have the honor to report, that no  case of injustice has been shown any of the Freedmen in this Division during the month of March 1868. by the civil authorities

I am General
Very Respty
Your Ob'dt. Servt
Wm. S. [[Fernald?]]
A.S.A. Com'r. 3rd Div. 7th S. D.

R.S. Lacey S.A Com'r.

Transcription Notes:
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