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It was again tried last week and resulted as above stated. The whole affair presents one of the grossest outrages that was ever perpetrated in the name of justice. The case demands the prompt interference of the military authorities, and as I propose to bring the matter to their notice, I will not go into details here further than to say that the case hinged upon the testimony of a single negro, who was a mere tool in the hands of white men, and who stood before the court and jury, a self-convicted perjurer, at the last trial. This is the place when a jury last winter convicted a young colored girl of murdering her new-born infant & sentenced her to the penitentiary. The court interposed in this case, however, and set aside the verdict which on the testimony was a disgrace to the County, and there being no white man in the way, the Justices set aside the verdict as plainly contrary to the evidence, and when the case was next called, the court ordered a nolle Prosequi to be entered & the girl was discharged after suffering seven month imprisonment. It is time that these outrates were stopped, if there is any power by which it can be done. 

Very Respectfully
Your Obt Servt
E.C. Morse
A.S.A. Commr

Brig. Genl. O. Brown
Assist Commissioner
Richmond, Va.