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[[3 columned table]]
| When Received | Name & Rank of Writer | Date and purport of Letter |
| --- | --- | --- |
| Aug 24 /67 | Bee Eugene M. Citizen | Magnolia Miss Aug 5th 1867 
States that Mr. J.D. Knox Ag't or Superintendent of the Magnolia Leather Manufacturing Company, is trying to wrong freedman Charles Saunders out of his just dues &c &c (sgd) Eugene, M, Bee |

| Aug 23, 1867 | Smith W.H. Bvt. Lieut. Col & A.A. Gen'l | Filed 
Bureau Refugees Freedmen & A.L. 
Office Asst Comr. for State of Mississippi
Vicksburg Miss Aug 22 1865
Forwards this day by mail 20 copies of G.O. No 21. C.S. republishing G.O. No 16 C.S. Hd. Qrs. 4" Mil Dist. and also request an acknowledgement of the receipt.
(Sgd) W.H. Smith 
Bt Lieut Col & A.A. Genl |

| Aug 25 1867 | Cook Michael Citizen | Magnolia Miss Aug 8th/67
States in reply to letter from Office of Sub. Asst. Comr., Sub Dist of Brookhaven dated July 31st 1867, that it is strange he must tell how much he gave to Amos Lane  (freedman) when they settled their accts. 
Says Amos owed him $4.00. when they settled and as Amos had overrun his pay and thought it hard to be without, at the end of the year, he gave him an account valued at $150, with Mr Lampkin of Magnolia said was good. If the acc't is not collected, Cook is to let Amos have as much land as himself (Amos) and his family can cultivate without asking pay for the summer. |


[[2 columned table]]
| Endorsements | Mem |
| --- | --- |
| Summit Aug 21st/67
Respectfully returned- I am not Executor or Administrator. Mr. W. W. Catching of Jackson Miss. is the Executor - and will see to the acct as soon as he can get the papers arranged.
Sgd  Jas B. Quin |   |

| Office Sub Asst. Comr, Sub Dist. of Brookhaven
Brookhaven Miss Aug 23rd 1867
Respectfully refered to Capt York A. Woodward Sub Asst Commissioner of Magnolia as in his jurisdiction.
(Sgs) E.C. Gilbreth
1 Lieut 24th U.S. Iny |   |

| Office Sub Asst Comr. Sub Dist of Brookhaven
Brookhaven Miss Aug 23rd 1867
Respectfully refered to Bt Capt York Woodward Sub Comr. Sub Dist of Magnolia with the request that he inquire into this matter and see whether Amos really had a satisfactory settlement with Mr Cook. This office has no knowledge except from Mr Cook himself and as the evidence is that Mr Cook tried to wrong Amos out of his pay in the first place it is feared this so called settlement is not correct. As this case is in the Books of the Sub. Asst Comr. of Sub Dist of Brookhaven it is requested that Capt Woodward send a report of his investigation of it to this office. 
(Sgd) E.C. Gilbreth
1st Lieut 24th US Infty
Sub. Asst Comr. |   |

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