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[[3 columned table]]
| When Recd | Name & Rank of Writer | Date and purport of Letter |
| --- | --- | --- |

| Sept 13th 1867 | Baker. E.G. Registrar | Liberty Miss Aug 18th, 1867
Enclose [[strikethrough]] to [[/strikethrough]] 2 affidavits made against Henry Bales (alias Thompson) a freedman in his employ - relating to insulting language used by said Bales to his (Bakers) wife - States that Bales is a bad character and asks that he be punished.

Address: Summit, Pike county, Miss. |

| Sept 23rd/67 | Filder, C. C. Citizen | Osyka Miss Aug 22nd 1867 Pike County

States that during the last year Mrs. M. M. Easley Amit Co. hired these families of freedmen to work her place. On the 2nd of July she drove her freedmen off her place on account of their letting the grass get in the cotton crops. refuse to pay them anything although they offered to clean the cotton if allowed an opportunity. They made a good crop of corn for her, also seven bales of cotton. They were driven off without anything, and think that she should pay them for what they did do, and being unable to go to her request the advice of the Gen'l Comdg in the matter. Enclosed the agreement which was made between the parties. |


[[2 columned table]]
| Endorsements | Mem |
| --- | --- |

| (continued from P,6) Bureau Refugees, Freedmen & A.L.
Office Asst Comr. for Miss.,
Vicksburg Miss Aug 23"/67
Respectfully referred to Bvt Capt Y.A. Woodward, Sub, Ass't, Comr, for investigation and report.
By order of Bvt. Maj Gen'l, Gillem, Asst Commissioner
(Sgd.) J.F. Cunyngham
1st Lieut. 24" Infantry
A.A.A. Gen'l |   |

| Bureau Refugees, Freedmen & A.L.
Office Asst Comr.
For the State of Mississippi
Vicksburg Miss Aug 27", 1867
Forwards this day per mail 
12 Blanks each forms Nos. 2 & 3 (A.G.)
10 Blanks form No. 1 (A.G) 
6 Blanks form No. 2. Reports persons &c
(Sgd) J.F. Cunyngham
1st Lieut. 24th U.S.I.
A.A.A.G. |   |

| Filed
Bureau Refugees F. & A.L.
Office Asst Comr. for Miss
Vicksburg Aug 29th 1867
Respectfully returned, and attention
invited to endorsement on previous
application requesting authority to
purchase furniture.
By order of
Bgt. Maj. A.C. Gillem, Asst Commissioner
(Sgd) J.F. Cunyngham
1st Lieut. 24th Infantry
A.A.A. Gen'l 
[[strikethrough]] L.B.P. 6 [[/strikethrough]] |   |

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