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[[3 Columned Table]]
| When Rec'd | Name and Rank of Writer | Date and purport of letter |
| --- | --- | --- |
| Sept 23rd/67 | Sunderland Jas. W. Capt VRC. A.A.A Genl | Filed  Bureau R. F. A. L O.A Commissioner For Mississippi Vicksburg  Miss Sept 19th/67  Bvt. Capt. York A. Woodward, S.A.C Magnolia, The special report required from you by the provisions of (par) 2, Cir No 10 C.S from this office, (copy enclosed) has not yet been received for the month of August ult.  The Asst Commissioner directs that you make out and forward the same to this office without further delay.  Respectfully |
| Sept 28th 87 | Vicksburg Miss Chandler J.G Bvt Col Qr Ms USA | Headquarters Fourth Military Dist.  Office Chief Quartermaster  Vicksburg, Miss Septbr 26. 67.  Forwards Check No. 14 on Asst Treas. N.O. for $31.27. Commutation of fuel and Quarters for month of August 1867 |


[[2 Columned Table]]
| Endorsements | Mem |
| --- | --- |
| Filed B. R. F & A.L Office Asst Comr for Miss Vicksburg Miss Aug 26th 1867 Respectfully returned to  Lieut Woodward Sub. Asst. Comr Magnolia Miss, who is authorized to purchase the necessary office furniture and forward vouchers to this office for approval. It is not likely that the duties of your office will be such as to require a clerk. By Order of Bvt Maj A.C. Gillem  Asst Commissioner (Sgd) J.F. Cunyngham 1st Lieut 24th Infantry  A.A.A. Genl |   |
| Filed} Bureau Refugees, Freedmen & A.L Office Asst Commr for Mississippi Vicksburg  Miss Sept 5th 1867 Respectfully returned to Lieut. Woodward.  The amount charged for clerk hire will not be allowed By order of Bvt Maj Genl A. C. Gillem Asst Commissioner (Sgd) J.F Cunyngham 1st Lieut 24th Infantry A.A.A. Genl. |   |

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