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And we may fitly take another extract, from a song, entitled "Outward Rites not Religion."

4. A priest I am. My life is spent
In searching long for sacred shrines. 
Go to, O fool! a priest is he
Who humbly learns and holy lives. 

CHORUS. - Oh, heart! my heart! how vile art thou, 
No hound more mad than thou art now;
Can folly bring thee peace or praise?
Then turn, O fool! and lift thy gaze
To never-dying Vishnu's feet. 

5. Not in the smoke of sacrifice, 
Nor in the chant of Vedic hymns, 
Does God look for the lowly mind,
Most fitly enters into bliss. 

CHORUS. - Oh, heart! my heart! &c. 

Of such are the simple songs and hymns of the Dasare, representing the undercurrent of the devotional thoughts of the people, apart from the mystic, metaphysical, and abstruse teaching of the Brahmins, which few can follow or understand. Such sentiments as those we have quoted go deep to the hearts of all, and it is to illustration of them that the folk songs of Southern India are almost entirely devoted. 
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