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June-13- Castell pencils, paper, w. color,5.00

 4 canvasses =stretchers? or Wh_chalk gd.? or oil gd?, oils, copal,of W.N.    5.50
  scraper, whites.

[[Left margin]] 

#1 [[prime?]] 
July 20.1911. painted on 14 x 20 white-lead- ground English canvas with colors:[[red?]] "combin"-white, zinc yellow, spectrum red, new blue, the underpainting, scraped off lightly, and finished in: [[comb?]] white, aurora cadmium, rose madder, viridian, brillt ultramarin, cerul, spectrum red, cadm orange, peruvian mauve and poppy oil only

July 22 in 4 hours the [[/underlined]] first oil painting [[/underlined]]
#1 scene at [[underlined]][[Saykville?]][[/underlined]] NJ. South 6 PM, hill, sandbank, red houses, yellow sheds, orange bank and blue water,in bright solid pure colors. 
[[image]] I am satisfied with the striking colorite and breadth of strokes and leave it so.

One must take care to keep the pigments and mixtures
1) pure on the palette, in the brush, on the canvas
4 paint underpainting in very pure light contrasting color as blue-yellow-, red for - violet - green -
e.t.c. since at a distance all looks greyer
3). The stroke must be bold, as the color, and as long as the color patch of sky or hill permits while other strokes cannot be large as on houses, waves, foliage. In that is life and freedom.