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Mon. June 11th
Mr. Catlin drove into the yard in the afternoon with the little dog tied in the back of his wagon. It had come to his house the day before. He said he thought he knew the owner; so he took it away with him. We found a snake.

Tue June 12th
Arthur Carey, Gerald, and I went down to the lake early in the fore-noon. We found Miss Tounir and Miss Kidd, two of my papa's pupils, painting there. They told us that we could take their boat as they wouldn't need it until four o'clock in the after-noon. So we went down the outlet in it.

Wed. June 13th
In the morning we all paddled down the outlet. All but [[Miss ?]] and Gladys Sunny day. My papa painted Mr Arthur Carey in the after-noon. Gerald and I went into Dr. Mathewson's pines in the after-noon; and covered three large holes

for people to fall into.

Thur. June 14th
Rainy day. We expected Annie Joice. Arthur Carey took Mr. Lincoln's horse and wagon at about four o'clock, and drove down to Putnam to meet her But of course she didn't come.

Fri. June 15th
My papa took Arthur Carey, Gerald, and me, across the lake to the park. We stayed there a little while at the sand-bank, where we found a little toad which Gerald took with him. We then crossed the lake again, and landed at Dr. Catlin's pines; where we stayed most of the morning. My papa and Arthur Carey were going to walk to the post office in the evening, but a thunder-storm came up, and soon came so near that they decided not to go. It turned out to be a very hard one.